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 Facility Rules 

As a member of our Victory Martial Arts Self-Defense & Taekwondo program, you deserve the very best instruction possible. To achieve this goal, both instructor and student must cooperate in an orderly environment to bring into being mutual success. Therefore, we ask that you review and adhere to the following. Students who are disruptive or disorderly, and their actions impair the learning of others will be asked not to participate in class activities.

We are not trying to create a stuffy environment. It is our sincere desire that all our students have fun while training and learning. However, there is a safety factor that must be maintained, in short, there is a time and place for all things. The following training facility rules will help to create an orderly, safe yet fun environment for all of our students.

Students shall remove their shoes before entering the main training facility.

Once inside the main training facility, and when leaving, students shall bow in and out to the main instructor. When bowing, come to attention, bow from the waist forward for a moment (not too deeply). Do not maintain eye contact with the main instructor.

As a sign of respect of training and dedication to the arts, students are to bow to the black belts the first time they are seen. If they are occupied, and cannot acknowledge your bow, bow anyway they quietly be seated to start warm up and or stretch routines.

Please be on the training floor as quickly as possible. At least 10 to 15 minutes before class starts, if possible. Once class starts there should be no unnecessary noise or talking.

If a student arrives late and the training class is in session approach the instructor and bow then take a position at the rear of the class. 

When instructed to be seated or stand at attention there should be no noise or horseplay. All students should look forward to pay attention to the training instruction being given. The proper way to be seated is with proper posture - back straight - legs crossed - hands in lap or on knees.

If a student must leave the main training facility he / she should receive permission from the instructor. It is not necessary for students to gain permission if there is an emergency situation.

There is no smoking or drinking of alcoholic beverages, chewing gum, or eating inside the main training facility.

Horseplay will not be tolerated.

Students will not loose their temper, hit, strike, punch, kick, fight, name call, challenge, or abuse another student. This is a zero tolerance rule. 

There is absolutely no profanity.

Students will not be allowed to train if they are not in uniform. School uniforms are to be worn for training, competitions or demonstrations.

All students are required to keep good attendance.

Students must at all times keep finger and toe nails trimmed so they do not injure themselves or other students.

For safety concerns students shall not ware ear rings, nose rings, mouth or tongue piercing, or other body piercing that may injure themselves or other students. This includes finger rings, toe rings, neck chains, or other alike objects.

Sparring shall only be conducted in the presence of the senior ranking instructor. There is no exception.

There are certain elements of class training that requires safety equipment. Students will not be allowed to participate in these activities if they do not have VMA approved safety equipment.


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