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Feb 1st 2020 Promotion Test

Dear Joint Base Pearl Harbor Parents and Students. You are hereby notified that on Feb 1st 2020 our student's martial arts techniques and self-defense skills will be evaluated for promotion. Those who successfully pass their evaluation assessment will receive their next belt rank and achievement certificate. The promotion evaluation test will take place at the Makai Recreation Center located on Joint Base Pearl Harbor Hickam. 

Test Schedule

9:30 AM to 11:00 AM: All Youth White Belt Ranks and Youth Yellow Belt Ranks

11:00 AM to 1:30 PM: Teen/Adult White Belts through Senior Red Belts 


  • An evaluation test is an official promotion proceeding, students are to look presentable in a clean uniform, hair tied back if long, facial hair trimmed / groomed, and a properly tied belt. 
  • ​During the test proceedings students are not to wear jewelry, earrings, watches, or body piercing. 
  • Students are not to chew gum, engage in loud or inappropriate language or horseplay. 
  • ​Martial Arts techniques are considered correct only if executed by established VMA&F standards bent knees, proper hand positions, balance, focus and control are all gradable points.
  • ​All techniques must be executed sharply with a high-degree of spirit and confidence. It's recommended that a strong KIAP is given on every move.
  • ​Students must be a visual representation of the principles of Taekwondo throughout the entirety of the evaluation test proceedings. Students must display courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control and an indomitable spirit.​
  • ​Students must successfully execute their advancement pattern without hesitation or assistance. Techniques, directional eye control, strong KIAP, balance and focus are all gradable points. Senior belts are responsible to know and properly execute every pattern beneath their current belt level without hesitation or assistance. 
  • The $45 dollar test fee is not refundable and must be paid prior to the student's promotion test. Registration forms and test fees must be received no later than January 31st 2020.  
  • All students are required to abide by the decisions of those officiating the promotion test proceedings.
  • Test fees can be paid over the internet; bank draft checks or money orders should be made payable to GOODEN & ASSOCIATES, INC.
  • Test registrations are not valid until test registration fees are paid.
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