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Forward Stance / Front Stance

Long and low to the ground, the front stance enables you to execute blocks and strikes with great power by taking full advantage of body weight. It frequently appears in the poomse or patterns, and is an excellent practice position.

Take a long step not forward but rather in lateral direction from the stationary foot. When a student moves in the forward stance position it is important not to step inline with the stationary foot.

In the front stance, the front knee is sharply bent; the back leg is straight. Students should barely be able to see the toes of their front foot. The front leg should support 70 percent of the body weight. Hips and shoulders squarely face front, not to the side, a big temptation for new students. The toes of the front foot should face forward, the toes of the rear foot should angle out just slightly.

When moving in the forward stance the head and shoulders stay squarely forward, the student should not loose balance falling off line left or right.   

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