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What Is 12 RND Cardio Kickboxing 

Our 12RND Fitness Kickboxing classes mimic 12 three-minute mixed martial arts rounds, including agility training, cardiovascular exercise, and MMA kickboxing drills to a motivational workout rhythm of approximately 135 BPM.

Never get bored! Our instructors regularly change their workout curriculum so you can experience a new, fresh, and dynamic kickboxing fitness session each month. Whether new to the kickboxing game or a seasoned veteran, our coaches offer expert guidance and will motivate and support you through every workout. This class is suitable for beginners and advanced alike.    


What to Expect

Our experienced coaches will lead you through twelve three-minute rounds that include:

  • Warm Ups Drills
  • Agility Training 
  • Cardiovascular Strengthening   
  • Core Conditioning 
  • Strength Training 
  • Striking Combinations 
  • Knee Strikes 
  • Kicking Combinations
  • Self-Defense Drills, and 
  • Warm Down Drills  

For Your First Class (or Free Lesson)

  1. Arrive about 15 minutes early to stretch (or sign the necessary paperwork for your free class);
  2. Wear comfortable athletic clothes, some sessions will be with alethic shoes and some without; 
  3. Bring striking gloves, hand wraps, workout gloves, or boxing gloves. Contact us for assistance if needed; 
  4. Have with you a small towel and bottle of water;
  5. Come prepared to have fun! 

Come Join Us!

Fill out the form below, tell us when you are available to do a free class, and come join in on the fun and excitement. Burn unwanted calories, improve cardio conditioning, reduce stress, learn real kickboxing techniques, and be a stronger version of yourself. By all means, bring a battle buddy to share the experience. 

 Class Schedule  

  • Tuesday 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM
  • Thursday 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM



  • Makai Recreation Center | Joint Base Pearl Harbor Hickam 

Thank you for your interest in our 12 RND Cardio Kickboxing classes, one of our VMA representatives will contact you to confirm your free class or answer questions. 

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