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Host a Self-Defense Seminar or Workshop at Our Location or a Location of Your Choice  

Victory Martial Arts & Fitness offers self-defense classes that can be tailored especially for your group / organization and taught at our location or one of your choice. Self-defense classes can be offered privately, to a group, or open to the public as a community engagement event.

Yes - we will come to you! We've held classes in lunchrooms, community centers, school gymnasiums, and large, medium and small multi-purpose rooms. The only stipiulation, the room must safely accomodate the number of participants in your group. 

The Facility You Choose Should Include

  • Floor covering (no concrete surfaces unless inter-locking gymnastic mats are provided). Carpet with padding is acceptable. 
  • Ample floor space is required for students to maneuver freely and safely during training exercises. If students desire a graduation event to demonstrate their self-defense and self-protection skills to family and friends, space for invited guests to comfortably sit is required.
  • If conducting a self-defense / self-protection lecture, additional space to arrange chairs in a semi-circle during presentations is preferable (or ample floor space).
  • Windows should have coverings that obscure outside distractions.
  • If conducting a full day session, to help build student camaraderie, the facility should accommodate enough space for the entire class to sit and eat lunch together. Going out for lunch is not recommended, as it negatively impacts time.

We Will 

  • Provide an experienced point of contact to answer your questions and walk you through the process
  • Work with your group or organization to help you realize your vision for the seminar or workshop
  • Bring the necessary equipment (floor bags, projector, projector screen, speaker, music, passion and excitement)
  • Provide promotional flyer and e-mail script 
  • If conducting a certification course, provide certficates on the last day of the session 
  • Help arrange for lunch if necessary 

Don't see a seminar or workshop you like? Not to worry copy and paste topics from the list on the right in to the comment section to build your own event.
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Assertive and Aggressive Mindset of Personal Safety 
Criminal Use of Smash Dash  
Cyber-stalking & Cyber-bullying 
Defense Against Slaps, Kicks, Punches, and Unexpected Strikes 
Internet and Cyber Safety 
Know What Criminals Look For In a Victim  
Layers of Defense Becoming a Hard Target. 
Local Crime Statistics  
Malls & Parking Garages Safety Concerns  
Mental Preparedness & Controlling Fear 
Personal Protection and Combative Techniques
Protecting Our Place of Worship
Rape Statistics and Prevention 
Safe Dating Strategies 
Sexual Harassment
Simultaneous Blocks and Counter Strikes Against Attackers
Situation Awareness Drills and Attack Scenarios 
Situational Awareness and Avoidance Techniques 
Stop Bullying Strategies 
Techniques to Escape Chokes, Grabs, Holds, Hair Pulls and Pins
The Importance of Setting Personal Boundaries 
The Psychology of the Criminal Mind 
Use of Palm Strikes, Elbows and Knees to Vulnerable Areas 
Workplace Bullying and Avoidance
Workplace Violence and Avoidance
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