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Thank you for your interest in our college campus self-defense seminar. In this interactive session certified self-defense instructor Master Charles Gooden will teach self-defense awareness skills and practical self-protection techniques that apply to first year or returning college students.

In most cases, assaults on a college campus occurs between people who know each other. Assaults usually happen in the home of the victim or perpetrator and very often drugs or alcohol is involved. Assaults are never the victim's fault. The assault prevention tips and ideas offered in this seminar will help college students be safe and enjoy their college experience. 

Athletic skill is not required and all fitness levels are welcome, attendees should wear comfortable athletic clothes, bring a water bottle, and small towel.

Contact us at if a group rate is needed.

Attendees Will Learn

General Self-Defense and Self-Protection Strategies:

  • Buddy System Strategies, Self-Defense Techniques, and Self-Protection Tactics 
  • Definition and Difference Between Self-Defense and Self-Protection
  • How to Use Self-Defense Awareness Skills and Education to Identify and Avoid Risks 
  • How to Use Verbal and Non-Verbal Language to Avoid Unwanted Situations
  • Proper Use of Self-Awareness and Self-Protection to Avoid, Slow, Or Stop An Attacker 
  • Safe Dating Strategies | Establishing, Protecting, and Enforcing Personal Boundaries
  • Situational Awareness and Evaluation Scenario Discussions and Role Play
  • The Difference Between Junior Highschool and College (Academic, Self-Motivation, Time Management, and Healthy Living)
  • The Importance of Listen to your "gut feeling." 
  • The Importance of Sobriety and the Vulnerability Associated with Intoxication. 

Self-Defense and Self-Protection Strategies for Dorm Living:

  • Online Safety (Includes Good Cyber Citizenship, Safe Online Dating Strategies, and Cyber Bullying Avoidance)
  • Safe Living Strategies for Dom Life, or Off Campus Living Tips and Strategies to Prevent Against Theft
  • Tips and Strategies to Avoid Identity Theft
  • Tips and Strategies to Avoid Sexual Assault
  • Walkaway Safety and Self-Defense Strategies (Windows, Doors, Locks, and Alarms)

Self-Defense and Self-Protection Strategies for the Streets:

  • Car Safety Strategies and Tips (Includes Roadside Repair Strategies, Car Jacking Tips, and Good Repair Advice)
  • General Self-Defense and Self-Protection Strategies for On Campus, or Off Campus Situations
  • How to Use Effective Self-Protection Techniques That Do Not Require Prior Martial Arts Skills (Indoor, or Outdoor Strategies)
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Because every person has the right to be safe, empowered, and free of violence, and the fear of violence. 

Attendees Will Also Receive: Certificate of Completion | VIP Pass for Two Private Lessons 

Individual or Group Rates Available

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