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Our Victory Martial Arts & Fitness, online self-defense, and online martial arts classes that provide our students convenience and great skills. The programs we offer vary according to the needs of our students. We have programs for all ages and fitness levels. Whether you're looking for an introduction to martial arts training or have been studying martial arts for many years, we have a program for you. Since the programs are interactive you will be guided through the program of your choice in a step-by-step fashion to ensure your success. 

Brown Belt: Advanced Level

"Tae Kwon Do as a Martial Art requires a balance of physical, mental, spiritual and intellectual fundamentals of life."

You have achieved this level of development in Tae Kwon Do by concentrating on goals and certain commitments relative to these components. As you pursue training to an advanced level, never lose sight of the goal that true mastery is a balance of these fundamentals.

Phase 1: Poomsae Requirements

  • Tae Geuk Il Jang
  • Tae Geuk Yl Jang 
  • Tae Geuk SAM Jang
  • Tae Geuk SA Jang
  • Tae Geuk O Jang
  • Tae Geuk Yuk Jang
  • Tae Geuk Chil Jang

Phase 2: Required Stances

  • Attention
  • Neutral Stance
  • Ready Stance
  • Walking Stance
  • Advanced Fighting Stance
  • Self-Defense Stance
  • Offensive Knife Hand Stance
  • Cat Stance
  • Horse Stance | Deep Horse Stance
  • Front Stance
  • Back Stance
  • Transition Combination Stances 

Phase 3: Required Blocks

  • Lower Block
  • Upper Block
  • Inside Block
  • Outside Block
  • Midsection Supported Block
  • Low Section Supported Block
  • High and Low X-Blocks
  • Palm Block
  • Upper and Middle Combination Blocks
  • Small Circle Blocks
  • Large Circle Blocks

Phase 4: Required Strikes

  • Middle Punche
  • High Punch
  • Reverse Punch
  • Jab Punch
  • Knife Hand and Reverse Knife Hand
  • Single Palm
  • Back Fist
  • Spear Hand
  • Double Palm
  • Uppercut
  • Elbow (inside and outside)
  • Forearm 
  • Tricep and Bicep 
  • Middle Knuckle 

Phase 5: Required Kicks

  • Front Snap and Side Directional Snap
  • Front Stretch Kick
  • Inside and Outside Crecent
  • Roundhouse (Front and Rear Leg)
  • Back Kick
  • Ax Kick
  • Jump Kicks (Front and Rear Snap, Roundhouse, Side, and Back Kicks)
  • Shuffle Kicks (Front and Rear Snap, Roundhouse, and Side Kicks)
  • Spinning Hook Kicks 

Phase 6: Combinations

Students must be able to perform any of the curriculum skills in an effective combination that will allow said student to avoid, stop or deter an attack.

All Phases: 

  • All assignements will be discussed either through e-mail, face-time or as a result of video sbumission.
  • Student will create a google calendar to track training hours, assignment deadlines, and exam requirements.
  • Student will be notified in writing by a member of the evaluation board when a phase has been completed.
  • Final examination may be in person or by video submission.
  • Student my stay current with school monthly tuition fees (student will receive a monthly invoice which can be paid online).
  • Student must be a visual representation of the school guiding principals.
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