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Name: E. Milkulsky
Date: 01/03/2023
Message: Hello Master Charles, Thanks so much for the information! Liam will be at class on Wednesday. We look forward to you continuing to work with him & build his mental & physical strength & character. Mahalo, E Mikulsky

Name: Ivan D, Kristina D, and Ani D
Date: 12/27/2022
Message: Dear Master Charles, I believe my wife, Kristina, already informed you that Ani will not continue with the Taekwondo lessons after the New Year, because we will be transferring to Japan. We wanted to thank you for the great care you gave Ani and for everything you taught her. We can tell that she had a great time by her excitement with the classes as well as by her eagerness to show us what she had learned. Additionally, your class was one activity where we never had to worry about Ani's safety or well being. On behalf of our entire Family we want to wish you and your staff Merry Christmass and Happy New Year.

Name: Kayla K
Date: 01/19/2022
Message: Reached out to Charles via email to inquire about private self-defense classes for women. He responded promptly and offered a great rate for college students! It can be intimidating trying a self-defense class for the first time for a bunch of uncoordinated and athletically challenged girls, but Charles really took the time to make us feel at ease, and we had an absolute blast! During this course, we learned practical tips, strategies, and basic self-defense techniques. We really enjoyed the class and recommend it to anybody! Charles is a wonderful teacher and genuinely cares about the safety and well-being of his students.

Name: Mark Lesly
Date: 01/11/2022
Message: Hello! I am the Chair for Maccabi USA Taekwondo, and I was inquiring about Abigail Bertelsman, and whether or not she is a Jewish athlete interested in representing the USA at the World Maccabi Games. My email is and my phone # is 201-914-1704. Thank you!

Name: Kristine A
Date: 10/27/2021
Message: My daughter and I recently took a self defense course with Master Gooden, of Victory Martial Arts, on Hickham AFB. We were very impressed with the quality of the class and Master Gooden's professionalism. He had material prepared for us to learn, but he also took the time to personalize the class and address any specific self defense concerns we had. We both walked out of the class feeling empowered. I highly recommend this class for anyone looking to improve on their self defense awareness and skills.

Name: Lourdes. S
Date: 10/01/2021
Message: Master Charles and his team are amazing! They have accommodated us tremendously through the pandemic offering online zoom options. We appreciate him and his team! My son loves his taekwondo class.

Name: K.Wright
Date: 03/25/2021
Message: MC - After much family discussion, we would like to definitely be placed on your list of invited you'll send out for April enrollment. We were highly impressed with the class and liked how Charlette also responded to the class directives. We believe it will help build her self confidence and respect. We appreciate being permitted to observe your class but also appreciate how parents should not be in the room when class is conducted. Thank you again and we look forward to hearing from you. Respectfully,

Name: G.Logan
Date: 06/25/2018
Message: Thank you for providing us with excellent information and training this past Saturday. All of us learned a great deal and enjoyed the hands-on exercises. Many of them were apprehensive at first, but they soon realized that they are capable of doing more than they thought they could. I'm so proud of them!

Name: S.Anderson
Date: 02/18/2018
Message: Sophie posted this today; her thoughtful words sums it all up. ------------------------------- YAY WE DID IT!!! Yesterday we finally finished our Level 2 self-defense course and earned our certificates. As the "unofficial" most improved award winner I am so thankful for Coach Charles and Coach Mike and what they do for the women who take their classes.(Not to mention all the much needed cardio😂😅) I feel much more confident in myself and my abilities, and in looking forward to additional classes and volunteer opportunities with their gym in the future. Thank you, you really make a difference.

Name: Vanessa F.
Date: 01/28/2018
Message: Took the introductory self defense class a couple weekends ago and it was awesome! Charles was patient, accommodating, and understanding, even though I was running late. He was very thorough which made me leave feeling as though I learned so much in only two hours. Charles gave me the impression that he is truly passionate about equipping individuals on how to defend themselves if/when it ever becomes necessary. I look forward to attending the next class and to learning more advanced techniques.

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