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Master: Charles W. Gooden, Jr.

Sensei Gooden has over 50 years of experience as a martial arts student and practitioner of various martial arts styles. In November of 1977, Charles began his study of Tae Kwon Do at a small YMCA center in Cleveland Ohio. After joining the military in 1981, Charles received specialized training and quickly excelled to instructor status. 

  • In August of 1986 Charles came to Hawaii after a tour of duty on the island of Adak Alaska, where he immediately began training in Jeet Kune Do under Master Charles  J. Scalera. After 14 years, Charles graduated the program with with special honors. 

  • Charles currently holds black belts in three forms of martial art, has performed VIP security details, and has provided security consultant services for high profile organizations. 


Sensei Charles Gooden Jr.
  • November 1977 Started Karate and Taekwondo / YMCA Cleveland Ohio
  • February 1981 Assistant Instructor Self-Defense and Self-Protection
  • February 1981 Weapons and Tactics Assistant Instructor
  • March 1983 Instructor Self-Defense and Self-Protection Strategies / Techniques
  • August 1986 Honorable Military Discharge
  • December 1986 Started Jeet Kune Do Training / Master Scalera
  • June 1995 Personal Security Escort Matt Young Entertainment / Salt & Pepper
  • August 1995 Personal Security Escort Matt Young Entertainment / Dr. Dre
  • October 1996 Personal Security Escort Minister Foreign Affairs Papua New Guinea
  • October 1996 Meritorious Award Papua New Guinea Embassy D.C
  • June 2000 Received Jeet Kune Do Teaching Certification
  • June 2000 Received Martial Arts Instructor's Award
  • September 2004 Received 2nd Instructor's Martial Arts Award
  • November 2005 Received Black Belt Hawaii Tae Kwon Do Academy
  • February 2005 Received Kukikwon Black Belt Certification
  • April 2006 Warriors for Christ Martial Arts Instructor's Award
  • July 2006 Personal Security Consultant Ruben Morgan Hillsongs Austria
  • August 2006 Certified Emergency Care Provider
  • November 2006 Owner / Operator Victory Martial Arts & Fitness
  • May 2007 Director of Security First Assembly of God
  • June 2008 CSM 8th Military Police Brigade Award for Excellence
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