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It’s not too late for you to register for our Level Two "Tactical Response Workshop" workshop. There is no classroom session, from the moment you step on the floor, your L2 instructor (Charles Gooden) will teach you to defend yourself against an aggressive attacker. After you complete the L2 Tactical Response workshop, you will be able to use easy, effective and proven self-protection tactics against a larger more aggressive attacker. 

The seminar will be held at the Jesus Is Lord Gym, located at 91-329 Kauhi Street, Kapolei, Hawaii 96707.  

Tactical Response Workshop Course Details:

  • Our Level 2 Tactical Response Workshop is only for those who hold their level 1 women's self-defense certification. 
  • No Class Room Requirement 
  • L2 certification requirement 4 training hours
  • Workshop Dates: To Be Announced 
  • Training Time: 3:00 PM –To Be Announced 
  • Session Fee: $65 Per Participant (Contact Us to See if Group Rates Apply)
  • Participants must pay their registration fee in advance to secure their spot.
  • Once you've registered, we will send you an invoice to pay. 
Register today to secure your spot!

Note: This class is specifically for those who have earned their level one certification.
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Tactical Response Workshop Curriculum:

  • Aggressive Use of Self-Protection Techniques to Vital Points 
  • Learn and Practice the 360 Degree Defense System Against Attacks  
  • Ground Defense and Attack Techniques Against a Larger Attacker 
  • How to Escape from Grabs, Chokes and Holds
  • Attack Scenarios and Role Play 
  • Options When Confronted by Assailants Who May Be Acquaintances 
  • Physical Skills When Boundary Setting & Conflict De-escalation Does Not Work
  • Assault Scenarios against Padded Assailant When Attacked Lying Down
  • Assault Scenarios against Padded Assailant (Attacking from the Front and Behind)
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