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First Time Testing?

Are you a white belt and it's your first time testing? Don't worry, we teach everything you need to know each class session to advance from white belt to white belt black stripe. 

White Belt Black Stripe or Yellow Belt

How to earn your white belt black stripe: For our younger students, in order to earn a white belt black stripe, a general understanding of the basic stances, blocks, kicks, and punches must be demonstrated during their promotion test. If your desire is to earn your yellow belt, you need to demonstrate both knowledge and proficiency. No matter the desired belt promotion level (white belt black stripe or yellow belt) you will be required to demonstrate the following techniques:


  • Attention Stance (Charyot)
  • Neutral Stance
  • Ready Stance (Joon Bi)
  • Walking Stance (Ap Seogi)
  • Front Stance (Apkeubi)
  • Horse Stance 
  • Deep Horse Stance
  • Right and Left Foot Fighting Stances (Gyoroogi Seogi)


  • Low Blocks (Arae Makki)
  • Rising Blocks (Olgul Makki)
  • Inside Blocks (An Makki)
  • Outside Blocks (Bakkat Makki)


  • Middle Punches (Momtong Chirugi)
  • High Punches (Olgul Chirugi)
  • Low Punches (Arae Chirugi)
  • Jab Punches
  • Reverse Punches


  • Rear Leg Stretch Kick
  • Front Snap Kick (Ap Chagi)
  • Roundhouse Kick (Dollyo Chagi)
  • Jumping Front Snap Kick


Taegeuk Il-Jang

  • First 6 or 12 Moves (Unassisted) = White Belt Black Stripe
  • Complete Pattern (Unassisted) = Yellow Belt 

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