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Safe Practices for Uber and Lyft

April 30th 2018

Wow, the start of this new year has brought forth a swarm of questions on safe share-ride practices while using Uber or Lyft. Without doubt there are things you can do to ensure your own safety when using a share-ride platform, both Uber and Lyft have rider safety tips listed on their websites, be sure to take the time to carefully review them.

Just by using your phone you can arrange transportation just as easily as you make a phone call, it’s no surprise Uber and Lyft are growing increasingly popular. Even though Uber and Lyft drivers go through a background check, that’s not an excuse to take your personal safety lightly. Always remember, when using Uber or Lyft, you are entrusting your wellbeing to someone you do not know.

The following list not exhaustive, but they are quick check safety tips when riding in an Uber or Lyft:

  1. Wait Inside Until the Driver Arrives. Since you do not have to “hail a cab” from the curb, you should wait inside until the driver arrives, especially at night.
  2. Always Verify The Vehicle You Are Getting Into Is Your Intended Ride. It is important to confirm the make, and model of the car, and verify the driver’s name before getting into the vehicle.
  3. Buckle Up For Safety: Use of a seatbelt is a effective means of saving lives and reducing injuries in case of an accident.
  4. Never Ride In The Front Seat. Riding in the back seat may seem like you are being chauffeured around town; however, it is the safest place to ride. Studies show that riding in the front seat of any transportation service may lead to many more assaults and unwanted behavior, especially for women.
  5. Stay Connected: Share your status, ride details, anticipated arrival time, and any other information about your tip with someone. There are share my location apps available that allow others to track your trip.     
  6. Keep Transactions Business-Like. Of course, riders should always be polite to the driver. However, you should not divulge too much personal information.
  7. If The Driver Is Not Driving Safely, Stop The Ride. At any moment if you feel your safety is at risk, stop the ride.
  8. Always Review Your Ride And Driver. Both Uber and Lyft pay close attention to your ratings and comments.

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