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Gooden & Associates and Victory Martial Arts & Fitness have partnered to bring you this fast-pace, fun and empowering Self-Defense N2 Seconds workshop where attendees learn to protect themselves if confronted with an unwanted situation. 

Our Self-Defense N2 Seconds self-defense / self-protection system is based on two highly-effective martial arts styles Jeet Kune Do and Krav Maga. Come prepared to have fun and be empowered, this workshop will get you mentally prepared and physically fit to protect yourself, your family, and your property. 


Event Details 

Date: Sunday | October 24th, 2021  

Location: Joint Base Pearl Harbor Hickam 

Facility: Makai Recreation Center 

Time: 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM


Workshop Curriculum

Learn and practice:

  • De-escalation tactics and verbal judo techniques to avoid unwanted situations,
  • Elbow, hand, foot and knee strikes that can be applied to vulnerable areas of the human anatomy to escape, slowdown, and/or avoid an attack,
  • How to develop and enforce healthy boundaries that set rules and safe limits in personal or business relationships,    
  • Simple physical and non-physical ways to protect yourself against and attack,
  • Situational awareness skills to identify early warning signals of unwanted situations.

Who Should Attend

  • Pre Teens, Teens, Young Adults and Adults
  • College Students
  • Working Professionals

How to Prepare

  • Bring a Water Bottle  
  • Have a Small Towel With You
  • Wear Comfortable Athletic Clothings 
  • Come Ready to Have Fun and Be Empowered 

  Workshop Facilitator    

  • Master Charles W. Gooden, Jr. will be your workshop facilitator, please email questions to        


Had the pleasure of attending the basic level self-defense class. A friend recommended the class - so why not!  Saying it was fun doesn't quite explain the session, although it was fun - it was more about not becoming a statistic in today's criminal society. (JB)




Wonderful beyond belief! The class was centered around giving you a momentary opportunity to escape from an attacker. It is NOT a course on how to fight an opponent. Basic subjects discussed were geared towards awareness, prevention, and escape. The instructor wasn't concerned about proper form or whether or not you joined his business, he was focused on each individual in the class, and tailored escape techniques based upon size, stance, and individual abilities. (M. Robinson) 



Took the introductory self-defense class a couple weekends ago and it was awesome! Charles was patient, accommodating, and understanding, even though I was running late. He was very thorough which made me leave feeling as though I learned so much in only two hours. (Sarah J) 



"Changing the furniture in your mind" that is the phrase that Charles Gooden the owner of Victory Martial Arts and Fitness uses so you can debunk the myth about protecting yourself. Who says a small woman can't disarm someone twice as big? (Lei)



Loved everything about this self-defense class! I just recently took the Self Defense Class, this is completely out of my comfort zone and I not only walked away feeling like I learned something it was a lot of fun. (Lisa H) 



We took a self-defense class with Charles and while we had fun, we also walked away with useful tactical moves.  Charles' style of teaching had us engaged and moving.  He spoke of the fight, flight or freeze response in situations and ensured we understood how to keep our mind engaged and thinking ahead.  We were a mixed age group and he was able to teach us defensive moves that all 3 generations could use. I recommend taking the self-defense class and learning from Charles. (Kristy P) 



A group of us took Charles introductory self-defense class. It was an awesome experience with a wealth of useful information to protect ourselves in different situations. Charles made the class interesting and fun and gave us a good workout throughout the class. Coach Mike also joined and helped out. We had such a great experience that we are going to take more classes. Definitely worth your time and the skills gained is priceless. (Momma Bear)

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