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Thank you for your interest in our Self-Defense N2 Seconds workshop. In this fast-paced workshop attendees learn to protect themselves if confronted with an unexpected situation that will likely have an undesirable end result. There is no classroom session, only hands on practice and aggression! 

The Self-Defense N2 Seconds system is based on two highly-effective martial arts styles, Jeet Kune Do and Krav Maga. The Self-Defense N2 Seconds workshop gets you physically fit and teaches you how to protect yourself by using easy to learn instinctive movements and practical techniques to exploit an attacker’s vulnerabilities.

Please contact us at if requesting this workshop as a private group session or for an organization.  

Workshop Curriculum

  • 360 defense against attacks
  • Methods to escape chokes, grabs, holds and pins
  • Palm heel strikes, elbow strikes and knee strikes
  • Self-defense and protective stances if being attacked 
  • Simultaneous blocks and counter strikes against attackers
  • Situation awareness drills and attack scenarios 

Who Should Attend

  • Pre Teens, Teens, Young Adults and Adults
  • College Students
  • Working Professionals

Special Training Modules

  • Sexual Harrassment 
  • Work Place Bullying
  • Work Place Violence


Because every person has the right to be safe, empowered, and free of violence, and the fear of violence. Contact Charles Gooden at to apply for a group rate.

Workshop Registration Fee: $95

Special Offer: Enroll With Your Bff and Pay $40 ea. 

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