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Let's Start Sparring

There are those that overlook the importance of sparring and actually dismiss it because ‘it is not representative of a real fight’. This is a very narrow view and completely ignores the multitude of benefits sparring can provide to a martial artist in training. The legendary Bruce Lee said that you must jump into the water if you want to learn how to swim, but no frame of mind will help you as long as you remain on dry land.

In sparring terms, this means that you need the practice of hitting a moving opponent and also avoiding blows if you want to be successful in a real bout. Sparring may take place in a controlled environment, but the training and skills learned during these sessions are very real. Unless you plan on being embarrassed, you will need to use all your attributes and sparring will quickly enable you to sharpen your skills. Shadowboxing is no substitute, so get on your headgear and start sparring!

Weapons Training

A weapon is a force multiplier and extension of the wielder’s body. A humble staff can be transformed into a substantial advantage when in the hands of a well trained practitioner. 

Weapons training at all levels develops balance, coordination, timing and discipline. Don’t be surprised if your hand-to-hand combat skills also improve when you start weapons training. Our traditional staff, butterfly knives, and sai weapons curriculum was developed to make our students well-rounded in all aspects of the martial arts, to be complete lacking nothing.

Please fill out the form below if you are interested in sparring classes or weapons training. VMA&F reserves the right to refuse participation in sparring classes or weapons training with or without reason.
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