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Thank you for your interest in our level one women’s self-defense seminar. In this 2-hour interactive session certified self-defense instructor Master Charles Gooden will teach self-defense awareness skills and practical self-protection techniques that do not require prior martial arts experience.

Our women's self-defense seminar covers topics that are appropriate for pre-teens, teens, young adults and adults of all ages. Although athletic skill is not required the desire to empower yourself is! All fitness levels are welcome. Please wear comfortable athletic clothes, bring a water bottle, and small towel.

The seminar will be held at the Jesus Is Lord Gym located at 91-329 Kauhi Street, Kapolei, Hawaii 96707.  

Contact us at if group rates are needed.


Master Charles W. Gooden, Jr. (MC)




The Psychology of the Criminal Mind 

Know What Criminals Look For In a Victim  

Situational Awareness and Avoidance Techniques 

Internet and Cyber Safety 

Home & Phone Security 

Carjack Avoidance Techniques 

Automobile & Travel Security 

Personal & Technological Security 

Self-Defense v.s Self-Protection (and more!) 

Criminal Use of Smash Dash  

The 6 Second Garage Door Break-In And How To Prevent It. 

Malls & Parking Garages Safety Concerns  

Layers of Defense Becoming a Hard Target. 

Mental Preparedness & Controlling Fear 

Rape Statistics and Prevention 

Cyber fraud & Electronic Theft 

Cyber-stalking & Cyber-bullying 

Workplace & Personal Security 

Local Crime Statistics and much more  

Who Should Attend 


Daughters (12 and Up) 


Sons (12 and Up) 

College Students 

Young Adults  



Car Owners 

Special Teaching Modules 

Access Control 

Cyber Bullying 

Front Desk Security 

Working Alone 

Workplace Violence


Because every person has the right to be safe, empowered, and free of violence, and the fear of violence. Contact Charles Gooden at to apply for a group rate.

Attendees Will Receive: ü Level One Certificate of Completion  | ü VIP Pass for Two Private Lessons 

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